A Hollow Core Interior Door that Performs Mathematical Calculations

What are the anti-theft hollow core interior door components? Generally, there are two types of security doors available in the market:

The metal anti-theft door, whose structure consists of steel or soft iron, and a piece of tempered glass is installed behind the panel. Most of these doors are made in China.

Anti-theft wooden door whose structure is a combination of metal and wood.

This type of anti-theft door, which makes up the majority of the market, has a similar appearance to ordinary doors.

In this type of doors, metal sheets are installed to provide strength inside the door, and wooden sheets are installed on the metal sheets in order to preserve the beauty of the door.

What are the anti-theft door components?

The skeleton of the anti-theft door is multi-layered. In such a way that a metal sheet is placed between two layers of wood veneer.


In addition, the inside of the door is also filled with insulation such as rock wool, and this is why anti-theft doors are sound and heat insulated.

But anti-theft door parts are not limited to these layers and it is necessary to pay attention to other important components such as frame, hinge and lock.

Anti-theft door components

Metal sheet

This sheet is one of the most important components of the anti-theft door, and without it, the anti-theft door will become an ordinary door.

In addition, steel sheets, coils and belts must be installed inside the door to increase its security.

door top

The anti-theft door cover is actually the visible part of the door.

The cover of the door can vary depending on where it is used.

For example, if this door is to be used in wet places or industrial places, it is necessary to cover the outer layer in such a way that it is anti-moisture and anti-acid.

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