A Velvet Bath Towel that Disappears at Night

The gym velvet bath towel is mainly used by athletes for things like removing sweat during activity, cooling the body, or in terms of hygiene to prevent direct contact of the body with sports equipment.

In terms of appearance, the club towel is almost similar to the pool towel or hand towel and has a rectangular shape, with the difference that the size and dimensions of the club towel are larger than the hand towel and smaller than the pool or bathroom towel.

The fabrics of the hawls are exposed to frequent washing and therefore must be resistant to water, alkali, detergents and wear.

Detergents often contain cellulase enzymes.

The effect of two types of cellulase enzymes on the properties of 100% cotton fabric has been investigated. A mixture of complete cellulase and endoglucanase-enriched cellulase were used.


The strength, abrasion resistance, wetting ability, underlining, whiteness and other properties of the fabric were measured.

In addition, the effect of different pre-treatment processes on fabric properties was investigated.

The fabric was washed with alkali or pectinase enzymes and bleached using hydrogen peroxide or peracetic acid.

It was observed that enzymatic washing and bleaching with high acetic acid consumes less energy and water, but the fabrics will have less whiteness and wettability, which will only be suitable for dyeing with dark shades.

Cellulase weakens the properties of fabric; However, this attenuation is greater for the complete cellulase mixture.

Holi fabric is a soft fabric, usually made of cotton, which is produced from warp and weft threads along with warp threads that form loops.

Hawlai fabric is very common due to its bulkiness, high water absorption and heat insulation.

Due to their nature, holly fabrics are subject to frequent washing.

They should be resistant to water, alkali, active surface and abrasion.

Different detergents are used to wash these fabrics. Detergents that often contain oxidants and enzymes can lead to color fading.

Addition of softeners is also not recommended due to the reduction of fabric absorption.

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