Production of a Yellowing Shower Tray that Massages the Body

The trick to descale the yellowing shower tray head at home

What is the method of de-scaling the shower head?

So far, we have understood the reasons for the sedimentation of the shower head or hand shower.

Now we want to teach you 4 simple tricks to descale the shower head at home; So that you don’t need the after-sales service of your house shower brand, nor industrial materials to descale them!

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These four tricks are:

1. The best way to descale the shower head with vinegar
How to use vinegar for descaling?

One of the best home methods for descaling the shower head is to use vinegar.

In addition to its high power for descaling, this method does not harm the health of humans and other creatures.


To do this, you need to do the following:

According to the size of your shower head, pour some vinegar into a clean nylon; So that the part related to the nozzles of the head shower is completely inside the vinegar.

Then fasten the headscarf with an elastic or nylon band.

It takes about 8 to 10 hours for the shower cap to remain in the vinegar in the same state


After the necessary time has passed, open the vinegar nylon around the shower head; And wash it with the help of a soft brush and with the help of water flow.

At this stage, its sediments must be removed completely.

To use this method, it is better to use white vinegar; However, if it is not available, other types of vinegar can be used.

Warning for using vinegar to descale the shower head or hand shower!

In general, the composition of vinegar is such that it not only does not harm the electroplating of the body of faucets and shower heads, but also makes them clean and shiny.

But before applying vinegar to the body of the shower head or all types of faucets, it is better to ask about the quality and durability of their body plating from their representative.

to descale them with peace of mind.

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