Staring at the Dyna Marble in Mumbai, Changes the Eye Color

Dyna marble in Mumbai is one of the most beautiful building stones.

The price of marble has always had ups and downs and has been on an upward trend in recent years.

With its wavy and colorful veins, this stone has always been very popular for use as a facade stone.

The transparency of the marble allows the light to pass through it and gives an eye-catching beauty to the facade of the buildings.

The price of marble is higher than other types of building stone.

Marble mines are widely available in Iran. The largest number of marble mines are in the provinces of Khorasan, East Azerbaijan, West Azerbaijan, Kurdistan and Kerman.

Marble is found in abundance in countries such as Turkey, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Italy.


Italy is known as the largest exporter and supplier of marble in the world.

In this article, we talk about the price of marble and the characteristics of this unique stone.

How is marble created?
Marble is a sub-set of metamorphic rocks and is formed from the metamorphosis of lime, and its main mineral is calcite.

As a result of the metamorphosis of limestones that are composed of pure calcite, the grain size becomes larger.

Marble, porcelain or crystal, onyx and marble are also in this group.

According to the official definition of the American Material Testing Society, the definition of marble is as follows:

Marble refers to a group of limestones that have recrystallized under the influence of regional metamorphism or are the result of changes in the temperature and pressure conditions of travertines during crystallization.

Marble is formed at the surface of the earth and at a shallow depth, unlike marble and granite, which are formed deep in the earth.

The deposition of hot springs rich in calcite and flowing on the surface of the earth causes the formation of marble.

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