The Use of Cup Cake in Nigeria, in the Production of Tear Gas

No birthday is a birthday without a cup cake in Nigeria , but do you know why? Most people like the taste of cake.

The birthday party we have is always accompanied by a cake and also this party is complete with happy songs, candles and wishes of the person whose birthday it is.

It is believed that the first birthday cake was bought in Germany.

Germans celebrated their children’s birthdays with cake and called this celebration Kinderfest.

At first, the cakes were not as tasty as they are now, but gradually they got a sweeter taste.

In the 17th century, birthday cakes were made with more detail and became a bit more sophisticated.


For example, they had a special decoration, ice and cool materials were used inside them and they designed it with things like flowers.

Although these types of cakes were prepared only by rich people and the prosperous class of society.

In the 18th century, food and birthday cakes became more available than ever before.

The price of cakes decreased significantly and their number gradually increased.

The theory of the history of putting candles on a birthday cake started in ancient Greece.

The Greeks used to make circular and round cakes, and their idea for making these cakes was to praise Artemis.

They considered Artemis to be their god and then lit a candle on the cake, which was a bright symbol of the moon, and the smoke from the candles represented their worship and wishes, which were taken to God and to the heavens.

But some researchers believe that this custom started in Germany.

They lit the candles on the cake for the first time to show the light of life.

Today, most cultures celebrate their birthdays with cake, lighting candles, and playing birthday songs.

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