Using 1 kg Onion in Dubai Today, to Eliminate the Bad Smell of the House

The medical document Charaka Samhita (6th century BCE) mentions onion as a medicinal plant.

Even a Greek physician in the 1st century AD (Dioscorides) documented the uses of herbal remedies.

It was the first European settlers who brought onions to North America.

This is a little history of using onion properties; But did you know that there are different types of onions?
What are the different types of onions?

1 kg onion in Dubai today is widely used, these vegetables are added to every meal in almost every part of the world.

There are undoubtedly several types of onions but here, we are talking about the most common ones.

Different types of onions (properties of onions)

Yellow Onions: They have a white fruit surrounded by a heavy brown skin. They have a strong, sulphurous aroma.

Sweet Onion: They have a lighter, less opaque and stunning skin that is also surrounded by a larger fruit and a little green.

White onion: It has a white skin and is milder and sweeter than its yellow counterparts.
Red Onions: They are mild and sweet enough to be chopped.


The outer skin and the fruit are deep brown in color.

Shallots: They are smaller and have brown skin and purple colored fruit.

Green Onions: They are immature bulbs that have not yet formed a bulb and are just buds.

Leeks: They are shaped like florets (a long, round onion with a small onion-shaped fruit) and are commonly used in sauces and soups.

To get the benefits of onion, is it better to eat onion raw or cooked?

Raw or cooked, onions are incredibly healthy and beneficial.

However, raw onions have higher levels of organic sulfur compounds that provide many benefits.

A study has shown that the outer layers of the onion fruit have the highest concentration of flavonoids, so make sure to grab some from this part of the vegetable.

Cooked onions also have benefits. They are a good source of fiber and copper.

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