Using Cleaner Thinner for Skin Rejuvenation

Difference between instant cleaner thinner and paint thinner: Instant thinner and oil thinner are different products that mainly fulfill different needs.

instant thinner: It is effective with oil-based coatings, they are composed of many materials, they work very strongly, the price is about 43 thousand tomans for one liter.

(There is a possibility of price difference depending on the type of thinner you choose), they are extremely flammable, they have a very pungent smell, lower VOC than paint thinner, cleans oily tools.

Oil thinner

Effective with oil-based products, often just one or two ingredients, not as strong as nail polish thinner. Its price is about 13 thousand tomans for one liter.

(price may vary depending on the type of thinner you choose), flammable, but less so than lacquer thinner, little or no odor, cleans oily tools.


as a result
In this article, our goal was to familiarize you with thinners and their uses.

Here, we explained the difference between oily and instant thinners and understood in which industries each one is used and what types of these thinners are available and each one needs They will fix various things for us.

instant thinner

As we know, the use of thinner has increased these days, and we must be careful to choose the thinner we need correctly.

Therefore, the correct choice of instant thinner can greatly affect the viscosity, brushability, sprayability, drying speed and surface properties of the applied paint, as well as the gloss and flow quality of the paint surface.

Instant thinner is the most suitable solvent for instant paint and killer.

To use 1 kg of killer, you must use 1.5 liters of thinner, and this amount is the combination of this solvent with cellulose colors.


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